Unique English Language Programs

We have some unique services only for you!

For example:
  • You can now speak and communicate in English within 1 month and in 16 academic hours; guaranteed! Click here for more details.
  •  You can now practise English at your own time and place and have the opportunity to meet with a foreigner teacher once a month and practise with him. So you won’t ever have to start again from the beginning and can make English as part of your everyday life and work. Click here for more details.
  • If you think you don’t need any course and have enough knowledge in English; just need some practice for your confidence and fluency, then we are here for you! You can now practise English with a foreigner whenever you want, just need to book your time. Click here for more details.
  • We are arranging mock interview in English to give you necessary confidence and prepare you for your next job interview. Contact us if you need this service.
  • We are also helping to prepare your perfect CV/ résumé and cover letter for your dream job. Contact us if you need this service.
  • We are also editing English for your website or documents. Contact us if you need this service.