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Are you afraid of English Grammar? If you are then you must hate “Tense” too, right? You have tried hard again and again but still it is difficult. And your kid doesn’t even want to hear about tense.
Everyone is also telling that Grammar is not important, because it’s so much hard! O yeah, it is very hard and difficult- to learn, to understand, to use without mistakes. If you start to learn Grammar, you lose interest about English language. So you are learning English language without Grammar; so what you are making mistakes, it is not important at all.
But wait, wait! There’s a smart way to learn Grammar and you can learn and use English language without mistakes! And guess what- it is not only easy but also you will love it! What? Can’t you believe? Then get “Tense smart-kit” now and see for yourself. Now you can learn and use tense with only some typing and clicks; and you will have lots of fun! Don’t miss this chance!
“Tense smart-kit” will guide you to learn and use Present Simple, Past Simple and Future Simple Tense. This smart-kit is in Microsoft Excel, so everyone can use it very easily. It is a must for adults who are weak in Grammar, who wants to learn Grammar, for students, for kids, for teachers and for everyone.

Benefits of Tense Smart-kit:

  • Fully automated- just follow the rules and instructions.
  • No need any teacher, a perfect self study kit. Now you can learn Elementary Tense without any help and even play with it.
  • This kit will teach you Elementary Tense in such way that you won’t ever forget.
  • You will never be confused about Elementary Tense anymore. Just practice and use this kit.


  • This kit is in Microsoft excel. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, then we will give you Openoffice version. OpenOffice is free. If you don’t have it, we will install it into your computer. No need to worry.
  • Memorize verbs, follow the rules, put your verb in the Green cell, press “ENTER”- and that’s it; see what happens.
  • Now examine the examples, see how is it and practise. Some examples are funny too. You will see.
  • If you won’t follow rules, it will give you strange examples and you will know that you make mistakes. It will teach you the rules to play with this kit.
  • Play with all the verbs that you know and learn. You will see how fun it is to learn Tense.

For whom Tense Smart-kit:

  • For kids- who are new to Grammar and who just hate Grammar.
  • For students- who tried so many times to learn Tense, but still it is complicated.
  • For adults- who want to learn Grammar the easy way and don’t want to forget.
  • For teachers and parents- who wants to teach Grammar to their students or kids. With this kit your students and kids won’t complain about Tense ever again.
  • Anyone who is new to Grammar, who is afraid of Grammar and who is weak in Grammar, must have this kit to master Elementary Tense.
So come on! Learn Tense- the smart way, the new way! No need to get kicked by Grammar anymore, time to master Grammar in style.

Price of Tense smart-kit: only €20!

If you want you can try this smart-kit for 1 day.

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If you don’t have Microsoft excel then you can download Openoffice from here. It is for free. If you need further help tell us here.

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