Self study program with monthly meeting- Business English


Choose this self-study program so that you don’t ever forget your English lessons. It will help you during your entire life. It will you give you smooth learning rhythm, confidence and very strong background for English in your career and business.


A self study program for your career and business-Business English

This program is for enabling learners to study and practice at their own time, place and pace. This is also for those who want to be in touch with English all the year, so that they don’t forget what they learn and don’t lose their confidence in communicating in EnglishEvery week learners will be provided with study material to their emails. The learners will study, practise and learn English at their own time and place. The teacher will meet the learners once every month. During the meeting, the teacher will solve their problems, clarify any questions and learners will practice English with the teacher, like practical English.
It is normal to forget things after sometimes if not in touch and not practising. Usually with normal English courses, after few months of finishing such course, learners forget most of the things and often they need to start again from the beginning. This program is to create a regular habit for learners to self study and be in touch with English for whole year. Learners never again have to start learning English from beginning.
This unique program is intended for those who need English but can’t join group regularly due to time, place or money.  The meeting with teacher will be in groups or one to one, in person or online.
This program is for 1 year. In this affordable program, learners can continue their lessons for whole year and they don’t forget what they have learnt. They will improve gradually. To create and improve their confidence, the teacher will meet them regularly.

Additional information

Business English

Price: €60/month. Yearly: €720.
Study material will be provided every week.
Every month Teacher will meet in group, in person or online.
Meeting with teacher is 2 academic hours, once a month.
From the website, you will get access to extra study materials outside regular lessons.
Need to pay yearly subscription basis. You have the option to pay monthly, every three months, every six months or all at once in a year.
If you pay every three months, you will get 3% discount; if you pay every six months, you will get 5% discount. And if you pay all at once, you will get 10% discount.

Verslo anglų k.

Kaina: €60 į mėnesį. €720 į metus.
Mokomoji medžiaga siunčiama į pašto dėžutę kas savaitę.
Kiekvieną mėnesį susitikimas su mokytoju grupėje, asmeniškai arba internetu.
Susitikimo trukmė 2 ak. valandos, kartą į mėnesį.
Prieiga prie papildomos mokymosi medžiagos mūsų internetinėje svetainėje.
Galimas apmokėjimas už 1 mėn, 3 mėn, 6 mėn arba 1 metus.
Jeigu mokėsite už 3 mėn, gausite 3% nuolaidą, už 6 mėn – 5%, už metinę prenumertą, gausite 10% nuolaidą.


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