English Placement Test

Welcome to your English Placement Test

Name/Vardas /Imię /Имя
Last Name/Pavardė/Nazwisko/фамилия
Profession/darbo pobūdis/zawód/профессия
 Why do you want English lessons?
Kodėl norite anglu kalbos pamokų?
Dlaczego chcesz lekcje języka angielskiego?
Зачем вам уроки английского языка?

Placement test: (Please select the correct answer/s.)


Grammar: 20 questions.


1. Hi! I am Ershad. What _____ your name?

2. They ______ my friends; I don’t know them.

3. ______ your parents like country music?

4. ______ a hair salon near our house.

5. A: I ______ Mildutė and Augustas. Will you join me?    B: Yes, I will.

6. I’m looking for my keys. ______ you ______ them?

7. If you ______, you ______ the exam.

8. I know a person ______ can help you.

9. I ______ at home when you came.

10. She ______ in Vilnius since 2010.

11. If she ______ a lot of money, she ______ a new house.

12. No one really knows ______.

13. Sandra and her friends are going to the store, ______?

14. If Daniel _____ for his exam last month, he _____ the test.

15. I don’t think _____ really understood what Jane was saying.

16. Timi asked me _____.

17. I need to buy_____ umbrella.

18. We can’t go to the picnic _____ it stops raining.

19. That is Devidas. I know _____ parents.

20. I lost my book. I borrowed______.

Functional English: 20 questions

1. A: How are you? B: ______ How are you?

2. A: What _____ you_____? B: I am a student.

3. A: We just got back from Nida. B: Oh, _____?

4. A:_____ B: She’s tall, slim, and has dark hair.

5. A: ______ B: Great! I have just come back from holidays.

6. A: Would you like to work in a different city? B: _____ I am open for options.

7. A: Lithuania is very beautiful! B: ______ A: Well, it has lots of green, forests, lakes- it is blessed with nature and the people really care for it.

8. A: Why are you wearing bracelets? B: ______

9. A: I think I can’t finish this today. B: _____ you can finish it tomorrow.

10. A: How was your weekend? B: I went to the lake. ______

11. What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen? B: It’s probably, _____the Lord of the rings!

12. A: I’d never try BASE jumping. B: _____

13. A: I really want to see the new Christopher Nolan movie. B: Me, too._____

14. A: I just saw "My Fair Lady". B: _____ A: It was great!

15. A: This dress looks wonderful, doesn’t it? B: _____

16. A: I think shopping on the Internet is fun. B: ______ it may save your time and money.

17. A: Look at those beautiful roses! B: ______ I have to stop at the flower store on the way home.

18. I heard that Elzbieta makes over a million Euro a year. B: ______ A: Well, she has two homes, and she drives a very expensive car.

19. A: Do you know who Richard Simpson is? B: ______ A: Richard Simpson.

20. A: _____ that little white thing? B: It’s an ERASER. A: Oh, thanks.

Vocabulary: 20 questions

1. My friend works at an office. He’s ______

2. This clothing store sells a lot of _____.

3. A: What’s the matter? B: I have a sore _____.

4. Inga is sister of my mother. She is my_____.

5. Dagris doesn't talk much. He's ____.

6. What kind of music do you often_____?

7. We have a big _____ in our kitchen.

8. The weather was great last week, so we went _____ on the lake.

9. When you go running, you should wear _____.

10. You’ve been ____ room no. 24. Here’s your room key.

11. The _____ from the film is available on CD.

12. Students sometimes _____.

13. The company will have its _____ in the centre of the town.

14. A person who drives slowly is_____.

15. _____ are usually quite big.

16. People who do not quit easily are ______.

17. "Solution" means _____.

18. Main stream media _____ throughout the world.

19. It is _____ to introduce yourself when you meet someone.

20. If you borrow money, you have to _____.