Spoken English

Spoken English courses are very interesting. You will break your barrier and grow confidence. You will know how exciting it is to express yourselves in English language. Teacher is an English speaker, so if you can speak with him, you can speak with anyone else.

Course details:

Course name: Spoken English- Basic, CEF Level B1, B2, C1

  • 44 academic hours.
  • Course duration: 4 months.
  • First month 16 academic hours, second month 16 academic hours, third month 8 academic hours and last month 4 academic hours.[1 academic hour = 45 minute.]
  • Group with 6-12 persons.
  • Reading material will be provided. No need any book.
  • Teacher is an English speaker. He knows Lithuanian, Polish and Russian a little.
  • Guaranteed to grow confidence and will see the improvement from day 1.
  • After finishing course, Certificate of Course completion will be provided.

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