Do you dare to speak in English?

A program to break language barrier and boost your confidence

Do you think you can speak in English? Can you take a challenge to speak with an English speaker? Or maybe you have mental resistance and lack of confidence to speak in English.


Then join to have video conversations online, with an English Speaker. You will check your confidence, test your English and improve with the help of your host. It is a practical and golden opportunity to break the barrier and to experience- how it is to speak in English in real.
It is recommended for people with at least level A2.  The host will talk with you online only in English and correct your mistakes.Don’t be afraid of mistakes. You can talk about anything. All you have to do is to agree with the host about topics.
Each chat session is not more than 20 min. It is recommended to be prepared before every session. But again don’t be afraid of mistakes. JUST TALK, TALK and TALK.
Video sessions are online preferably through Skype.Make sure you have working web camera. If you prefer other application, you can confirm with the host.

You can register in three ways:

  1. Mini challenge: for one week, 3 sessions, each session 20 min.

Price : €10 – €20/one week. 

  1. Moderate challenge: for one month, 10 sessions, each session 20 min.

Price: €50/one month. 

  1. Express challenge: for one month, 20 sessions, each session 20 min.

Price: €100/one month.

You need to pay full amount in advance. Follow our website and Facebook page to get special offers.

Please register as early as possible as there are only limited spots for each month. If you want you can have one free session for 5-10 min. For that you need to like our Facebook page and to write private message about what you want mentioning your name, address and email address.